Forget what that silly groundhog from rural Pennsylvania says — spring is most definitely upon us, and chances are you’re just about as sick of eating hearty stews to keep warm as we are. We’ll be the quickest to admit that we’re ready for the season’s first floral spring brunch to welcome back some of our favorite spring party appetizers. Though this year, why not bring something new to the seasonal celebration? We’re so ready for all of the amazing fresh ingredients that spring has to offer! To get the inspiration flowing, we’re sharing five of our favorite early spring recipes that we cannot *wait* to make.


1. Early Garlic Gazpacho: Young garlic may be a bit more mellow than its adult self, but it’s still got plenty of garlicky goodness you’ll want to savor. Combined with almonds, bread, and grapes, this one is making us want to roll up our jeans, put on some gloves, and get in the garden. (via The Perpetual Season’s Nom Profile)


2. Fava Bean Tartine With Mint Pesto & Yogurt: We think that fava beans sometimes get overlooked, thanks to a certain Jodi Foster cult classic, but that never stopped us from buying out the market stand when they show up in the spring. Let’s be honest: Anything is delicious on toasted focaccia. (via Sasha Swedloff’s Nom Profile)


3. Green Millet Salad: A picture says a thousand words, and this one shouts *OMG spring is here and I can finally put away my winter clothing.* Get ready to thaw out from a long winter with this salad of millet, fresh peas, young fennel, and chive blossoms. (via Steph CaliZona’s Nom Profile)


4. Quinoa Pesto Pasta With Market Peas, Green Beans, Cauliflower and Purslane: Purslane is one of those *trendy* ingredients that we’re really excited to see more of as the farmers’ markets open up. Sure it’s a weed (yes, a weed!), but this humble li’l weed is packed with vitamins E and C and has more Omega-3’s than any other plant… you go, purslane! (via Wholehearted Eats’ Nom Profile)


5. Country Salad With Wilted Nettles, Fresh English and Snap Peas, Chickweed, Pearl Onions, Tarragon, Baby Asparagus, and Meyer Lemon Dressing: We’re just gonna go ahead and call this salad a forager’s delight, and for good reason. You can literally find everything for this baby in your backyard, local forest, or your nearest farmers’ market if you’re not of the will-hike-for-food crowd. (via Transitional Gastronomy’s Nom Profile)

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