Wow — the next generation of body art has officially arrived, and we’re #OBSESSED. If you thought that edgy-femme piercings had maxed out the cool-factor, ear tattoos are the new It-girl trend ready to prove you wrong. We’ve had our eyes on a few floral ear tattoos in the past, but none have stolen our hearts quite like these babies. Here are 14 tiny earring tattoo designs that just might convince you to get inked.

1. Full Ear: For the truly rebellious among us, this full-on floral ear tatt is the equivalent of a “full sleeve.” The delicate vines and light pink color give it a femme twist that’s totally lovable.

2. Outer Cartilage: This simple stalk of lavender is both dainty and discreet. Located on the back of her cartilage, this spring-ready lady deserves major props for pulling off this original look.

3. Contoured Inner Cartilage: A black-and-white leafy design combines minimalism with earthy flair. Our minds = blown by how the incredible detail here curves with the shape of the ear on such a tiny canvas.

4. Angled Inner Cartilage: Chic simplicity is the name of this tattoo game. An angular design will stand out against the natural shape of the ear.

5. Double Inner Cartilage: OMFG this micro-sized half-moon and star is a zodiac guru’s dream. Combined with a basic pearl stud, it’s the edgy-yet-feminine look perfected.

6. Lobe: This itty-bitty ear lobe half-moon is def convincing us that less is more. While at first glance it almost looks like an earring, her otherwise bare ear makes the look uber sleek.

7. Cartilage + Lobe: This creative maven opted to combine some subtle lobe action with an inner-cartilage statement piece.

8. Inner-Outer Cartilage: Depending on the shape of your ear, you can create visually stunning looks using crisp, abstract shapes and lines. Those statement-making stripes are the hautest ear cuff around.

9. Abstract Ear: This soon-to-be It-girl went for three sets of abstract ear art for a subtle, yet fun piece. Paired with an adorable crescent stud, we’re basically over the moon for this arrangement.

10. Tragus: Um, did this teeny music note just render our tragus piercings obsolete? Apparently, this is the newest way to embellish that part of our ears, and we may or may not be jealous we didn’t think of it first.

11. Back Ear: A hidden design along the back of your ear will complete an understated style. This gal went for an edgy-abstract flair that you might miss — until she walks away.

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