I have the fondest throwback memories of Easter when my brothers and I were children. Every year we would dye the eggs together as a family. It was a fierce competition to see who could make the prettiest egg. My mom was always the judge, yet she could never choose just one. It always ended up a four-way tie — and somehow we never thought that was the slightest bit suspicious. Come Easter morning, the eggs would all be hidden away for us to find — in the usual places, of course, so that we could easily collect them. And our baskets would be waiting for us. They were straw baskets with purple and red detailing, and they were always filled with brightly colored green “grass”, a solid chocolate bunny, little tin-foil wrapped eggs and some type of miniature toy. I recall mine was a feathery chickadee, whose wire feet clung to the basket handle one year. These memories make me nostalgic. But there’s no reason why we grownups can’t have an Easter basket. Here are 3 creative DIY grownup Easter baskets, each one so cool that I double-dog-betcha you will continue to use them long after Easter has passed.

Speaking of things to use in place of a basket, it goes for kiddo baskets, too. We don’t always have to pull out the Easter baskets from last year. It doesn’t necessarily even have to be a “basket” at all. A small, colorful beach pail, for example, would make an awesome basket for a child. So would any one of these colorful storage baskets, which could be repurposed for an organizational project after Easter.

And if you’re looking for out-of-the-box ideas for what to put inside your basket that isn’t a basket, here are 23 DIY ideas for Easter baskets and here are 20+ ideas that aren’t candy.

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