If you’re preparing for an Easter get-together, don’t forget dessert! We know, there are Easter eggs to dye, baskets to fill, decorations to make and a whole menu of brunch food to cook, but dessert is one thing you can make ahead of time. Here are 20 cookies, cakes and other treats just right for Easter. So, cross that item off your list and call it as good as done.

Another way to save time on Easter party prep is to double up on tasks. For example, many food crafts are so cute they can be used as centerpieces, like these Peeps & Rice Krispies Eggs. The mock shells are hardened white chocolate with glitter sprinkles. Find this and 14 more Easter desserts that can all be made ahead.

Still pondering your Easter menu? From baked ham to asparagus tartine, here are 14 savory or sweet items that would all be perfect for an Easter themed brunch — and, bonus, a few of them could serve as centerpieces or decorations as well. Got this thing in hand now? We know you do. So, when the cooking is over, turn your attention to the bar cart. We’ve got drinks ideas for your Easter guests, one more delicious than the next. But don’t just take our word for it. We think you need to test a few out. You’ve earned it! So, after the cooking is done, kick off your shoes and give yourself a little toast with one or more of these 16 festive cocktails and mocktails.

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