We don鈥檛 know about you, but we鈥檙e getting pretty excited about Easter this year. The holiday is all about delicious candy, pops of pastel and tasty, family-filled brunches. What鈥檚 not to love? However, those elusive Easter eggs can be tricky, not only to find, but also to boil, dye and be worthy of displaying. We鈥檙e sharing six guides that will have you on your way to Easter egg perfection in no time.


1. Boil the Perfect Egg: Let鈥檚 start at the very beginning, even before you鈥檙e dyeing your eggs. Use this handy chart to boil eggs to your yolk preference. (via The Cooking Dish)


2. Get Ready to Dye: Not sure what shade to go for? This chart runs down the various 鈥渇ormulas鈥 and techniques to get the color and look you want. (via McCormick)


3. Make Trendy Dye Mixes: After you have the basics down, it鈥檚 time to move on to those bold, eye-popping colors that buck the traditional pastel palette. We鈥檙e loving Raspberry. (via McCormick)


4. Explore Pantones: Okay, you鈥檝e all but mastered the dyeing techniques by now. It鈥檚 time to break out both dye boxes for a little color exploration that all you designers and design-enthusiasts can love and appreciate. (via McCormick)


5. Dye Different: If you completely spaced out on running to the store for dye, no worries. Your fridge has you covered. Just look at that russet orange! (via Design Happens)


6. Whip Out the Tea: If your fridge has let you down, all you have to do is look down. We鈥檙e talking about that delicious cup of tea on your desk. Not only does this work in a pinch, but it also gives the eggshells a very natural, rustic look. (via Stash Tea)

Tell us, what鈥檚 your egg dyeing plan for this Easter? Let us know in the comments below!