Take a quick look around at your accomplishments: easter wreaths, intricately decorated eggs and curated gift baskets. When you think about it, Easter is a seriously crafty holiday. While that鈥檚 *totally* up your alley, it鈥檚 not everyone鈥檚 cup of tea. Once you factor in breakable Easter eggs and awkward Easter bunny photo ops, things are guaranteed to get a little interesting. Take a quick break from nailing those Easter decor DIYs and enjoy a few LOLs from these Easter mishaps!


1. Bunny at the Bar: After hours and hours of long lines, crying kids and flashing cameras, a little happy hour sesh is definitely just what this Easter bunny needs. You could also probably use a spring cocktail, come to think of it. (via @cynot)


2. Melted Bunny: One of the best and worst things about spring is the unpredictable weather. This poor chocolate bunny probably thought some time left alone in the car was a good idea. (via @kristimcallen)


3. Say Cheese?: Pet photo ops aren鈥檛 just for Santa Claus, and it turns out that those photos can also be just as uncomfortable. (via @gritcycle)


4. Deviled Chicks: When you鈥檙e working with eggs about a million different things can go wrong. This recipe doesn鈥檛 look exactly like the tutorial, but we鈥檙e sure they鈥檙e just as delicious. (via @vetdoc75)


5. Easter House Fail: Gingerbread houses during the holidays are serious business. It turns out working with marshmallow Peeps doesn鈥檛 make edible construction any easier. (via @leonardsandi)


6. Doggy Dress Up: Let鈥檚 be honest 鈥 our pets just aren鈥檛 as psyched to get dressed up as we are. But that doesn鈥檛 make those 鈥榞rams any less adorable. (via @lizandchloe)


7. Janky Egg: One of the best things about hard-boiled eggs is that when they鈥檙e dropped, it only makes it easier to eat them. The cracks add character, right?! (via @andrea_schnei)


8. Bacon Salt Basket Fail: Creating Easter baskets is serious business. Just why this toddler received bacon salt from the Easter Bunny, we may never know. (via @0livebuddha)


9. Breaker Box Eggs: Hiding Easter eggs is no easy feat, but it鈥檚 a little shocking (pun intended) that someone thought these hiding places were a good idea for little hands. (via @navypilotnik)


10. Easter Dye Fail: Wearing something nice when you鈥檙e working with colorful dyes isn鈥檛 the best idea. Look at it as an opportunity to add some color to your eggs and your clothes! (via @ashleygayledownes)


11. Empty Shelves: Waiting until the last minute to score some holiday candy and decorations is never a good idea. Waiting until the day after to score some stuff on sale? That鈥檚 a different story. (via @lexistential)


12. Baby vs. Easter Chicks: Being a baby during a holiday is hard work. It looks like an adorable photo sesh just wasn鈥檛 in the cards that day. (via @thesatinsheets)


13. Egg Boil Fail: Decorating eggs is the most exciting part of getting your Easter game ready. Just don鈥檛 forget to boil the eggs first! (via @jharnett03)


14. Hot Car Bunnies: These bunnies may have lost their visual appeal, but they鈥檙e probably still delicious! This is definitely a pair that will be omitted from the baskets and left for the adults. (via @becberk)


15. Paintball Bunny Pancake: Every holiday should kick off with a seasonally appropriate breakfast. That said, this pancake is probably best left at the bottom of the stack. (via @jenniferleephotography)


16. Toddler 1, Chick 0: Kiddos definitely like to add their personal touch to everything. This poor chick never stood a chance. (via @clarehilszzzzz)


17. Dog Shaming Fail: Our pets may not want to partake in the seasonal costumes and photo ops with the Easter bunny, but they鈥檙e always down for some treats. It looks like the post-feast shaming isn鈥檛 working out so well with this proud pup. (via @shonnabeans)


18. Easter Bunny Fail: Paying the Easter bunny a visit can be a terrifying experience and this captured encounter is about as good as it gets. (via @squeaksandcheeks)

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