We’re grownups now, *sad face*, so, what with the egg decorating, brunch prepping and cooking and eating and Easter egg hunt hullabaloo, come Easter Sunday we will be plumb tuckered out and so will our BFF. We’ve already said we’re exchanging baskets, throwback-style this year. I plan to fill hers to the brim with little presents that are thoughtful and personal. This is my main girl, you know. So I want to show some love — and a bunch of Cadbury eggs and Peeps just ain’t gonna cut it (no matter how delicious that actually sounds right now). I’ve found the perfect basket. Now all I have to do is fill it up with super-cute lip glosses, pampering products, scented candles and pretty trinkets. You too? Let me save you the legwork. Here are 22 Easter gifts for a BFF basket and all are under $25.

If you’re wanting to think out of the box… er, basket… I have an idea. How cool would it be to make your bestie’s dreams come true? So, no one knows your girl like you do. When she dreams big dreams, what’s her thing? Does jewelry-making put a sparkle in her eye? Leather- or metal-works? Does she harbor a secret desire to be a party planner? Or cake decorator? Is it beer making or flower arranging, photography or calligraphy, HTML or Illustrator? Whatever your best girl wants to be in life, we know you’ve got her back. And we’ve got yours, because we’ve probably got a class for it. Here are 44 Brit + Co classes to make all our dreams come true.

Sign her up today. Even better, sign you both up together — so that you can share yet another great adventure.

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