Easter hairstyles don’t have to be stiff and formal, but every holiday calls for hair that’s just a step above our norm. What we want is that almost-effortless hairstyle that is still pretty enough to be dubbed special-occasion worthy. Here are 14 easy hairstyles that put the “best” in “Sunday Best”.


1. Beach waves for long hair

Whether we want large, loose waves or glamorous, side-swept romantic curls, the first step in getting curls that stay is to learn how to pin them — yes, pin them — after applying heat. Once you’ve got ’em, your curls can be styled multiple ways for Easter festivities. Here’s a hair tutorial on how to get beach waves, plus three ways to style them.


2. Updos for short hair

We know what you’re thinking, the long-haired ladies get all the fun hairstyles. Not so! We have zero regrets about chopping our locks here, because we know that we can still get a pretty updo for Easter. Check out this tutorial on three updos for short hair.


3. Braided styles for medium-length hair

Medium-length hair has so many options, even when you want braids or a braided updo, but are still growing out bangs. Here are three ways to braid your medium-length hair, and all three weave in the bangs in a way that will be pretty for Easter.

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