One thing we have plenty of around here at Easter time is eggs. We crafty types like to be prepared when inspiration strikes, so we stock up on eggs. We use a good deal of them making Easter crafts, but we always have some left over. So, when we are looking for Easter brunch ideas, naturally eggs come to mind. If you are like us, and looking for recipes that feature eggs, check out these 16 paleo and gluten-free Easter brunch recipes; many feature eggs.

Finally, for the non-Paleo among our guests, it would not be Easter brunch without Pizza Rustica, or rustic pie, also called Easter pie. This Italian classic is similar to quiche baked in a pastry shell. The inside is stuffed with a savory combination of eggs, cheese and cured meats. Over at Memorie di Angelina, Frank will be whipping up an authentic version of pizza rustica and other Italian classics, in memory of his nonna Angelina. Frank explains that in Italy, the Monday following Easter is a holiday known as Pasquetta or Little Easter and everyone is off work, so it’s customary to drive out to the countryside and take a picnic. This savory pie is almost always among the goodies in the picnic basket. A similar dish, Neopolitan Easter bread, served as an antipasto at Easter dinner, is also great the next day. This beautiful dish has hardboiled eggs embedded in the crust.

Looking for more ideas for Easter brunch? Consider Easter recipes you can make ahead, so that you can relax and enjoy the company of your guests.

(Photo via Memorie di Angelina)

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