The Most Unexpected Way to Eat Eco-Friendly

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If you jump at the chance to try the next foodie trend like charcoal coffee, or you believe that what we serve on the table affects the environment, then the invasivorism diet is for you. Think of invasivorism as a hyperlocal sustainability effort where you consume invasive species of both plants and animals. Basically it’s the new form of clean eating. Invasive species lurk all throughout America. Some you wouldn’t even guess are non-native since they’ve become so common on our soil, like dandelions for instance, which happen to be an invasive plant. The problem with this is that now many plants and animals are so at home in America that it's nearly impossible to control the population. Conservationists have come up with a plan to help rebalance our ecosystem one bite at a time. Naturally, not every invasive species is edible, but those that are can be delicious. Here are some of the tastiest for you to try out.

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