Navigating the dating world — or trying to keep romance in an established relationship alive — isn’t for the faint of heart. And whether you’re planning the perfect first date somewhere out on the town or making dinner for your sweetie at home, chances are food has played a big part in a lot of your romances. Which, it turns out, is something you can use to your advantage. There are certain foods that act as aphrodisiacs, changing your body chemistry and that of your partner so you’re more receptive to intimacy. Once you know which foods get you and the person you desire all hot and bothered, planning your date night meals will be a whole lot easier.

Avocado is an edible aphrodisiac


We all know that coffee perks us up in the morning, but it turns out that its invigorating properties extend to the libido too. That’s because it’s a stimulant, which wakes you up and increases blood flow, and because it increases your body’s dopamine levels, putting you in a better mood. So the next time you’re setting up a date, maybe skip the wine bar and head to a local café instead.


When it comes to love, millennials may be on to something. That’s not just because we love using dating apps — but also because we’re obsessed with avocados. And whether mashed into guacamole and scooped up with chips or spread onto toast in the morning, avocado possesses certain attributes that can heat things up in the bedroom. They contain high levels of vitamin B6, which can increase your body’s productions of testosterone (a sex hormone). So if you’re looking for a little love in the morning, then by all means, serve up your famous avocado toast (with a cup of coffee, if you really want to give your desired partner a boost).


When you ask most people about aphrodisiacs, oysters are probably the first thing that comes to mind. They’re a classic for a reason, and that goes beyond their sensually evocative texture and appearance. It turns out there’s a nutritional reason for oysters’ reputation as a love potion of sorts. They contain dopamine, a compound that make you feel happy, and zinc, which increases production of the sex hormone testosterone. So if your ideal date is a classic martini and raw bar combo, you’re definitely barking up the right tree.

Dating is hard, so why not let dinner do some of the work for you? Romance can be stressful, but with the right foods on your side, you can breathe a little easier.

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(Photo via Unsplash/Brenda Godinez)