This new kitchen gadget may have just solved that whole 鈥渨ashing dishes鈥 burden you鈥檝e been bearing. And it鈥檚 about to make the most delicious thing you鈥檝e ever eaten鈥 with. Meet the Edible Spoon Maker: a new machine sent from the gods of food that makes a spoon perfect for eating with and then鈥 well, eating! Eating food with food? Sounds good to us!


The machine is basically part waffle-maker, part grill, and it鈥檚 completely brilliant. It simply presses the dough or batter into a spoon shape and voila 鈥 in three minutes, you have a spoon.

Before you start judging us for being so excited about these spoons (AKA too lazy to wash dishes), consider the environmental benefits: if you eat your utensil, you鈥檙e not wasting water on cleanup. You can almost see Mother Nature nodding in approval.


The one problem with the Edible Spoon Maker is kind of a big one: It isn鈥檛 on the market quite yet (the patent is still pending). But through the company鈥檚 website you can sign up to be notified when it鈥檚 available, which should hopefully be soon. In the meantime, keep dreaming of all those amazing spoons you鈥檒l make, eat with and yum right up.

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(Photos via Edible Spoon Maker)