By now, it’s clear. Apps aren’t just for adults. The next generation of tykes is learning how to code practically right out of the womb. Those wee ones are growing up in a digital world, and our devices can help us raise them and teach them. Apps are great tools for children’s development and learning. But rather than spending a whole year’s college tuition downloading every option out there, start with these 12 awesome apps that will have your little one spelling, drawing and counting better than before!

1. Tiny Tap: Want to build your own app? There’s an app for that. Kids can build their own personalized learning app. Or they can play a pre-programmed game on subjects like vocab or art. (Free on iOS and Android)

2. Quiz Kids-Animal Edition: Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Your little one will be identifying animals before you know it. This interactive app features over 60 lovable creatures and flashcards with audio. (Free on Android)

3. Annie’s Picking Apples 2: Go on an adventure with Annie the squirrel by jumping to different worlds, learning four languages and solving puzzles. Parents, you can monitor performance and set time controls. Who knew a squirrel could do so much? ($3 on iOS)

4. MarcoPolo Ocean: Take the ocean into your phone with this fun aquatic app! From coral reefs to submarines, your youngster will learn about sea life, marine ecosystems and ocean landscapes. ($2 on iOS)

5. Endless Alphabet: This app is basically Monsters Inc. meets the alphabet. The Endless monsters spell and define over 70 words and will help your children master the alphabet in no time. ($7 on iOS and $5 on Android)

6. Kids Math Count Numbers Game: Math can be a tough subject, but you can make it easy and fun for your kids. From counting and writing numbers to finding missing numbers, this app shows it’s really as easy as 1,2,3. (Free on iOS and Android)

7. Spelling Test: Spelling is no joke. Even adults mix up “your” and “you’re” on the regular. We don’t want our children making the same mistakes. Spelling Test is here to help with that. Track scores, create agendas and take practice tests all in one handy app. (Free on iOS and Android)

8. Interactive Telling Time: Your kids won’t be able to say they don’t know what time it is anymore. They’ll learn the hour and minute hands, how to read analog and digital clocks and practice setting time. ($3 on Android)

9. PBS Kids Super Vision: PBS Kids is a beloved station for learning and growing. We couldn’t pass up their app, which includes everything from literacy, science and music. A big plus is that parents can monitor playtime and receive summaries on PBS Kids’ top videos and games. (Free on iOS)

10. Drawing Pad: Tap into your little one’s artistic side without getting paint on your kitchen floor. This interactive drawing pad offers a unique space to color, sketch, blend and more. ($2 on iOS and Android)

11. Matific: Whether you have a four-year-old or an eleven-year-old, Matific hits all grade levels from kindergarten to 6th grade and covers math, like addition for the youngsters and fractions for the older kids. (Free on iOS and Android)

12. GoldieBlox: Is your little one interested in building and animation? Check out this creative movie-making app that allows your mini to draw, color and put together her own digital short. She can even take her ideas from the little iPad screen to real life with the movie machine toy set! (Free on iOS)

What educational apps do your kids love? Tell us in the comments below!