Every year the world’s premier tech companies, tech industry insiders and lovers of all things tech (if this is you, you should check out our tech gift guide for last minute holiday ideas!) congregate out in the deserts of Nevada to geek out over all the exciting products and innovations of the upcoming year. Yes, we’re talking about the Consumer Electronics Show, or better known as CES — and trust us when we say there’s something for everyone at CES, including the little ones. You see all kinds of crazy things at CES that you never imagined possible, such as a classic children’s toy with some serious upgrades that will have Ernie from Sesame Street tossing out his old friend.


Meet Edwin the Duck, tech startup pi lab’s $100 rubber duckie who made his debut at CES 2016 in Las Vegas this year. But trust us when we say Edwin is not your average rubber duck. Yes, he comes with a hefty pricetag, but Edwin is one multi-tasking duckie jam packed with smart gadget features.

Using trademarked “SQUACK” technology, Edwin will actually sync up to your tablet via Bluetooth so your kiddo can play story-telling games and interact with a cartoon Edwin. At night, you can even set Edwin to play a lullaby to lull your child to sleep. Plus, Edwin does double duty as a night light. And the answer to your biggest question is yes, the rubber duckie is fully waterproof so he can fulfill his basic duties as a bath toy.


You can purchase him right now at the Apple Store, but we’re also got hands on with him at CES this year. Spoiler alert: He’s definitely bigger than your average rubber ducky and despite packing some serious tech, he was surprisingly lightweight.


Um, technology is completely zany. Check out the full video for Edwin below.

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(Photos via Edwin the Duck)