It’s a bummer when your fave cafe spot has spotty WiFi, but it’s flat out frustrating when your home router just ain’t workin’. Little tricks and hacks to strengthen the signal sometimes help. And when all else fails — fiiine, we’ll resort to pulling the plug and restarting the router, but does that really solve all our slow connectivity problems? Nope, but Eero does.


Eero is a sleek router that’ll ensure you’ve got the fastest, most stable and widest-ranged WiFi on the block. We’re not even exaggerating; you might want to invest in some wireless network protection wallpaper because all your neighbors are going to want to snag your connection. Each Eero houses a router, range extender and repeater in order to transform your pad into a no-buffering, no-spotty WiFi zone. Yes, you can finally go downstairs, in the attic, in your bathroom and to the backyard while still having stable WiFi. Each router covers 1,000 square feet, so you may or may not need more than one.


If you think you’re going to need help setting up more than one Eero router, forget calling up your IT pal. Trust us when we say you’ll be able to do it on your own. Simply plug one router into your cable or DSL modem and plug any extra Eero routers into a nearby outlet. Now all you need to do is open the Eero mobile app and it’ll walk you through setup. Through Bluetooth Low Energy, your main router’s finalized setup will automatically configure the other routers around the house. As if that wasn’t helpful enough, Eero even has a cloud controller that notifies you of any security issues and/or software updates.


Design was a huge priority for the Eero team, so you won’t need to put any potted plants around your router to hide the ugly wires. Eero’s designer, Fred Bould, is the same guy who designed Nest’s thermostats, which explains why these little routers are so modern-sleek.

Each unit costs $125, or you can purchase a pack of three for $299. They’re currently taking pre-orders, but after February 15, prices will go up to $199 and $499, respectively. Pre-orders will be shipped by this summer — just in time to stream all your bumpin’ jams during your summer parties.

What do you resort to when restarting your WiFi fails you? Would you cough up $299 for super strong WiFi? Tell us in the comments below!

(h/t Fast Company)