Think back to the first time you watched the pilot for HBO’s Silicon Valley. Rewind to the scene where we are introduced to Peter Gregory, who, after giving a TV version of a TED Talk, snubs Richard in the parking lot by driving away from them in his weird, flattened car. “What a stupid looking car,” we the viewers collectively thought along with, “What a great parody of the tech set we’re witnessing.”

Well, hang on for one second. That car Peter Gregory drove away in? It’s real. It’s called the Elio. And now that we know that we kiiiiiiiiiinda want to buy one?

Fast Company reports that the Elio will officially be for sale in 2015, and that about 25,000 people are already on the waiting list to buy one. We’re not surprised; for a piddling $6,800, it costs as much as some people in the Bay Area pay for their fixed gear bikes.

But it’s not good to be so casual with finances. So below, we have a list of reasons weighing the pros and cons of buying an Elio. (Note: We could only think of pros.)

  1. Parking, obviously. It would be a breeze because the car is so compact.
  2. In fact, if you’re one of the first buyers, you could probably get away with parking it on the sidewalk. People would be so confused as to what you were driving that they’d likely excuse it.
  3. Maybe you could even avoid moving it for street cleaning by sandwiching it in the little area next to your apartment where the landlord keeps the trashcans. It is literally the size of a sandwich.
  4. How much money would you pay me to fit an Elio in my mouth?
  5. The Elio is legally being called a motorcycle, which means you’d be required to wear a helmet while driving. This is fine, because you could be really cute and twee about it like the Natalie Portman character in Garden State.
  6. Fast Company Math says that using it only for your daily commute would earn you back the sticker price in gas in about five years. We cannot confirm, because that formula sounds super confusing, but we believe them.
  7. Just look at its cute little butt:

Would you shell out for an Elio? Let us know in the comments!

(h/t Fast Company)