Speaking of effortless summer updos, what’s easier than a simple topknot or braid? They both scream summer with their simplicity, and these prints by Elizabeth Mayville capture that quiet elegance beautifully.

The concept behind this series is the idea of recapturing the moment. As Mayville describes:

All of my work has to do with the small and beautiful moments of a quiet day. I love working to scale back my life and focusing on the small wonders that make a moment remarkable, even if they can be easily overlooked.

We love this mission. Our lives are often so overcomplicated that we forget about the simple beauty of something as basic as a braid. Let this be a reminder to take a few minutes this afternoon to breathe deep, actually listen to the music that’s blasting through your headphones and then go on with your day.

Each of these giclee prints are reproductions of original gouache paintings and are printed on high quality 50 lb paper. Prints run from $15-$20 for 5×7-inch prints, and more sizes are available. For more prints and info, head to Mayville’s Etsy shop.

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(h/t Honestly WTF)