Elizabeth Suzann’s New Bridal Collection Is Machine Washable + Affordable
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Elizabeth Suzann’s New Bridal Collection Is Machine Washable + Affordable

While brides before us may have worn a wedding dress big enough to take up the entire backseat of a car, the modern-day woman appears to be swiftly moving away from those over-the-top, iconic wedding dresses we grew up with. With pieces like J.Crew’s sequined bridal shorts and Net-A-Porter’s affordable bridal collaboration gaining popularity, it’s obvious that a significant chunk of brides are now looking more for a nice white piece they can wear again rather than a massive one-time splurge. Following in that vein, Nashville brand Elizabeth Suzann has just launched a bridal collection that’s not only affordable, but also machine washable.

Elizabeth Pape, the designer behind the line, tells Fashionista she was inspired to add a bridal division to her ready-to-wear label after struggling to find something to wear on her own wedding day. “You can buy a silk dress for $500, but as soon as it’s labeled ‘bridal’ the price jumps up to $2,500,” she says.

Hesitant to launch a line exclusive just to brides, Pape instead decided to call the 14 new additions to her brand “The White Collection.” Featuring just two gowns, the collection relies heavily on chic, minimal separates like a midi skirt, a crop top, trousers and a sheer kimono. When paired together, the looks are elegant and timeless, with just the right amount of informality. And when taken apart, the pieces can work for an endless list of other occasions.

Because Pape is a realist (she knows you’re bound to get something on your dress during your wedding day) she’s also made everything machine washable – with the exception of one piece, the A-line gown. Ranging in price from $295 for a structured crop top to $1,150 for one of the formal dresses, a piece from the White Collection won’t break the bank either. Vera Wang, we love you, but it turns out we love our bank accounts more.

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(Photos via Elizabeth Suzann)