Elle Australia just went all inspirational and empowering on us for its October issue’s cover. Instead of placing a famous lady on the cover, the magazine featured a mirror. Yep, the cover is straight up a gleamy, silver mirror finish, which means *you* are the featured cover girl.


This bold, #BeTheCover move from a magazine that’s known for featuring influential, powerful females on its cover has turned the tables on us. Instead of readers counting on a celebrity, influencer or other famous face to help put our #lifegoals in line, we are told to simply look in the mirror to see the baddest boss around. According to Elle Australia, the cover is meant “to celebrate our epic portrait of what it means to be the woman… this issue, you’re the star.” Who knew holding a magazine up to your face could be so fun and empowering?!

The Elle Australia October issue is giving us evenmore realness beyond the cover: Instead of the typical featured story that focuses on the cover model, Elle Australia profiled 47 (!) ladies ranging in age from one month — 100 years old. Some notable peeps featured include a foreign minister, indigenous actress and a model with Down syndrome. So much yes.

Props to Elle Brazil for initially kicking off this rad idea earlier this year and three snaps for Elle Australia for jumping on the embrace yo’self bandwagon. Other magazines: your move.

Who would you like to see profiled in a similar “real women” magazine series? Share your thoughts in the comments.

(h/t Buzzfeed; featured photo + photo via @elleaus)