Brace yourselves, Grey’s Anatomy fans. It sounds like the upcoming season 14 finale of the ABC medical drama is going to be a heartbreaker. (That is, if you make it through next week’s episode.) Ellen Pompeo wouldn’t share any details with us about what to expect, but she did say we’d need tissues to get through it.

“Of course! Did you think you wouldn’t?” she told Brit + Co. “It’s gonna be awesome and you shouldn’t miss it. Everybody should tune in and watch it live.”

Pompeo has been playing the “Grey” in Grey’s Anatomy — Meredith Grey, that is — for 14 seasons now, and she recently signed on for two additional seasons. “I love the effect the character in the show has on people,” she told us. “The way it brings people together, the way it inspires children to want to go into the medical field, the way families come together to watch the show, the way people tell me the show makes them feel — it’s really incredible.”

Filming the series obviously keeps her pretty busy, but when she does have a few spare moments, she likes to spend them with her own family, husband Chris Ivery and their three young kids. “Everything I do with them is my favorite,” she gushed. “Everything we do together is my favorite. They’re my favorite people in the world — my husband and my kids. Even if we’re just sitting around eating tacos.”

Pompeo likes to cook for her family when she has time, and although she doesn’t do it as often as she used to, she gets excited at the thought of trying out new recipes. Her next kitchen experiment is going to be cooking with food-grade essential oils, like the ones made by Young Living.

“I’ve been using essential oils for 25 years. I love them, I use them everywhere,” she told us. “I use peppermint oil as a breath freshener instead of mints and gum. I use sage oil in the products that I clean my house with — I use all natural products, and I love to put in a couple drops of sage oil. It makes the house smell so good. And obviously I use essential oils on my babies. It makes them calm. There’s no scientific evidence to back that up, but I see my children and I can judge.”

Luckily for her, Young Living recently came out with a Seedlings line of essential oil products made especially for babies. Pompeo loves them — especially the coconut lime body butter and the “Calm” linen spray — because they’re all-natural and plant-based. “I have all these babies, so I need all these products,” she said.

Her oldest, 8-year-old Stella, isn’t really a baby anymore, but Pompeo and Ivery also have a 3-year-old, Sienna, and an 18-month-old, Eli. “He’s said ‘mama’ a couple times,” the actress shared of her son. “I can’t get him to say it, he’ll say it when he wants to say it, but yeah, he’s said ‘mama’ a couple times. I’m the only one who’s heard it. No one else has been around, so no one believes me, but I don’t really care — I heard it!”

(photos via ABC/Bob D’Amico + Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for Young Living)