Let’s face it. Sometimes there’s nothing better than curling up with a giant bowl of warm mac and cheese and a great book. Actually, that’s most of the time (for us). But it’s probably not the healthiest habit. Even with the best intentions, portioning out our food is hard. Luckily, if you’re trying to cut down on your favorite foods or just want to be a little more conscious of how much you eat, there’s a new plate in town that will help you manage your diet.

Portion sizes and calorie counts are too confusing sometimes. One scientist is telling us to eat six ounces of carbs, while the other tells us to eat half that, but boost the greens. That’s where ETE comes in. It’s a smart plate that helps you determine how much of your meal should be taken up by veggies, meat and grains.

ETE can be used to portion out your main food groups, and the flexible spaces on the plate let you adjust for combinations. For example, if you whip up a medley of veggies and grains together, you put your concoction on a larger portion of the plate, taking up the space the two would occupy separately. As an added thoughtful touch, the plate always has an extra sliver of space so you can move your food around.

ETE has been praised by dietitians and nutritionists for promoting healthy eating habits, especially for children. The colorful dishes are made from thick ceramic and are dishwasher-safe. Though the first batch of English ETE plates are already sold out, our fingers are crossed that this awesome idea will be hitting our tables again soon.

What do you think of these smart plates? Would you use them at your table? Let us know in the comments below!