At this point, we can all agree that 2016 was a really freakin鈥 weird year. Not only politically, culturally and socially, but even technologically. Probably one of the most notable tech stories this year was the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco that never seemed to die down. And now it looks like Apple could be having lingering problems of their own with the iPhone 6S.

Apple iPhone6 Charging with Lightning USB Cable

For awhile now, Apple has been saying that only a very, very specific number of iPhone 6S devices have been affected with this so-called 鈥渢ouch disease.鈥 The bug basically causes random shutdowns in phones and it鈥檚 super annoying to have to deal with. However, many Apple customers who fell outside the exchange requirements that Apple posted were also complaining that their phones were randomly shutting down too.

It appears that now Apple is finally taking these customers into account. So, in order to fix this for everybody who鈥檚 been affected, Apple is looking into a software update that could fix these issues across the board. In the iOS software update coming out next week, Apple said they will release a diagnostic feature that could help customers figure out what鈥檚 wrong with their phones. Information collected from the diagnostics will be used to create better algorithms for iPhone battery life. Although it鈥檚 not a perfect and immediate solution, the answer to your phone frustrations could be quickly on its way.

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(h/t 9-to-5 Mac; photo via Getty)