If fabulous, budget-friendly and well-designed style is your thing, then clothing brand Everlane is probably your jam and the latest news from the SF-based couturiers will have you feeling like kids in candy store over the news that Everlane is opening a popup shoe park in New York City. That’s right, an adult-sized playground for shoe-lovers.

Everlane shoe park

From May 13 to 22, Everlane will be hosting an interactive popup store on 83 Wooster Street down in Manhattan’s SoHo district. The store, designed by spatial designer Robert Storey, the “self-guided shop will provide visitors with an interactive and experiential journey to test out the shoes while having a little fun.” So grab your besties for a style-testing play-date while checking out Everlane’s Elevate Summer collection as well as their latest premium travel bags.


But don’t think you’ll just be sitting nicely, daintily trying on various styles. Oh no! This is a full-on test-‘em-out experience with only one rule: “You have to leave your shoes at the door.” Why? Because once you step inside you’ll be walking, climbing and jumping around the interactive installations that are all designed to let you try on the various styles while having a little fun.

Sounds sorta like a date with shoes: If you fall for them, you can take them home. Best. Date. Ever.

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(Photos via Everlane)