What’s not to love about Valentine’s Day? Just the sight of red and pink construction-paper hearts overlaid on white doilies makes us smile. It can be easy this time of year to go all anti-Valentines. But don’t let stale, store-bought cards and “sad singles” social memes bring down what is at heart, hi-yo, the sweetest holiday. To revive your love for Valentine’s Day, think like a kid, starting with Valentine’s Day cards. The best kid valentines are funny and sweet, often employing puns or rhymes and sometimes even a taped-on treat. Here are 30 kid valentines that will bring a smile to your face.

It’s Better to Make Than to Receive

Making something for others makes us feel good. We’ve seen the multiple studies showing that happiness is strongly associated with giving to others. Well, cooking provides unparalleled opportunity to give — and immediately receive a smile back. Who can resist a homemade cupcake with sprinkles? Cooking something delicious is a gift for others as well as a gift to ourselves. Plus, we get to lick the bowl.

Everyone Gets a Card

When we were kids, the school rule was, everyone gets a valentine. Admit it; it felt great to come home at the end of the day with a pile of cards with warm wishes from your classmates. Bring that feeling to your co-workers this year. Give everyone a funny valentine and see how it raises spirits. Besides, how hard is it to cut out and sign a bunch of cards? The best cards can start with a pun.

Take a Break

Part of the fun of Valentine’s Day when we were kids was cutting class a few hours early in order to have a party. So skip the Valentine’s-themed office happy hour and instead take a break in the afternoon to exchange cards and share delicious treats.

Dress Up Day

You don’t have to wear a cupid costume to the office, but it is fun to dress up in a red or pink sweater or wear some heart-shaped jewelry to mark the day. Planning what to wear can be fun; it gives you a good excuse to swipe through all those Valentine’s Day fashion guides, like these 20 heart-themed outfits.

No Judging Allowed

The fact is, Valentine’s Day is here and it isn’t going away anytime soon. Instead of hating on it for its commercialization, let’s take it back to its roots — by celebrating elementary-school style. Show friends, family and colleagues how much you appreciate them. And, yeah, wear your heart on your, um, sweater. You made it; now let it have its day!

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(Image via Insideways)