No doubt you’re treating your quads and hammies to major movement in ClassPass studio workouts or during trips to the gym, but don’t let your frequently exercised leg and butt muscles have all the fun! Make a conscious effort to give your calves some love. Not only are they one of the easiest body parts to target with exercise, but toned calves also make your best pair of heels look REALLY good. So whether you’re looking to bulk ‘em up, slim ‘em down or simply get stronger, we found seven super YouTube workouts guaranteed to help you meet your goals.


1. Sexy Calves Workout: Tone up your calves with this sizzling and short workout by Tracy Campoli, a lifestyle and wellness coach with a devout YouTube following. Tracy’s tips will make your calves strong and healthy, as well as shape ‘em right up. (via Tracy Campoli)


2. Calf-Slimming Exercise: Bulky calves can be a pesky problem when you’re shopping for riding or rain boots. But fear not — there are exercises you can do to make your calves leaner. We love this calf-slimming exercise, which actually emphasizes elongating and strengthening over two short and effective minutes. (via Athleen-XX for Women)


3. Help for Tight Calves Stretching and Massage Routine: Don’t forget to stretch! San Francisco-based trainer Caroline Jordan’s video will help you lengthen those muscles that are tight from your daily workouts, so this video is perfect for a mid-week watch. A certified fitness pro, Caroline knows her stuff. (via Caroline Jordan Fitness)


4. Calf Toning Workout: Since variety is the spice of life, switch up your toning efforts mid-week and try this high-energy video from XHit. Keep doing these quick hops and plie calf raises and you’ll be stronger before you know it! (via XHit Daily)


5. Top Five Calf-Slimming Exercises: YouTube sensation Joanna Soh does a fab job showcasing calf slimming exercises that are guaranteed to strengthen the lower part of your leg too. Do the entire 12-minute set at once or break it up by each exercise. You’ve got this. (via Joanna Soh)


6. Ballerina Calf Muscles Exercises: As a trained dancer, awesome lady Lisa Maree brings ballet flair to all of her videos. Don’t be fooled by the sweet exercise name though — her ballerina calf set is killer. (via Lisa Maree)


7. Mini Calves and Feet Workout: Lisa Maree earns a second spot on our strengthening vid list as she has an ENTIRE workout dedicated to strengthening your mini calves and feet! This seven-minute sesh requires a theraband, which helps give you an even deeper stretch. It hurts so good. (via Lisa Maree)

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