Whether you鈥檙e looking to decorate聽your new apartment or revamp your current one, you don鈥檛 *actually* need to break the bank to elevate your space. Just take it from Sormeh Lifestyle, the mother-daughter design team behind some of the most stylish spaces in the design world. Though Sormeh鈥檚 career began in fashion styling 鈥 having worked closely with the likes of the Kardashians and Mindy Kahling 鈥 her fashion roots continue to play a large part in her design inspiration today. To get your home to look like a million bucks while still maintaining your personal style, we turn to experts Paiman and Sormeh Salimpour鈥檚 styling tips.


1. Choose the right material. 鈥淭he choice of material you use plays an important role in each room,鈥 says Sormeh. 鈥淰elvet has long alluded to luxury, and the beauty of velvet is that the more it鈥檚 used and worn, the more beautiful it becomes. Velvet truly takes on a life of its own.鈥


2. 鈥淯ndecorate.鈥 鈥淎llow your rooms to feel lived in. Allow them to have nostalgia,鈥 says Paiman. 鈥淭he point of undecorating is to be encouraged to actually use every piece within the home. Use books 鈥 old and new 鈥 on your coffee tables, encouraging yourself and your guests to flip through the pages and enjoy a moment of exploration. Leave your books open, as if a reader was recently there, traveling through its pages. A home should be intellectually satisfying, as well as being a feast to the eyes.鈥


3. Mix and match. Sormeh tells us that 鈥淎ll the fun is in mixing and matching. Whether that is with textures, highs and lows, or pieces from different periods, break the formula to incorporate a variety of styles. By doing so, you are assured a look that is truly yours.鈥

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(Photos via Sormeh Lifestyle)