Picture it: You’re out and about when the hunger pangs strike. Your first thought is to swing by one of the country’s top restaurants — sadly, they’re all booked until fall. So you’re next stop is to open up your review app of choice — Yelp, Google Maps, Urbanspoon, etc. Now there’s another contender looking to make waves in the restaurant review world and it’s probably already DLed on your phone: Facebook. The social media platform that none of us can seem to let go of just launched a partnership with food critics to provide in-app legit reviews from some of the nation’s best. Bon appétit, c/o FB ;)


After launching Instant Articles earlier this month, Facebook is already tackling a new lineup and while it involves publications, this partnership is for a different kind of consumption. According to The Verge, the social media network will be tackling the restaurant industry a la Zagat instead of Yelp. Starting today when users look up food spots within the search bar they will be able to see critic reviews from publications like Bon Appétit, Conde Nast Traveler, Eater, New York Magazine and the San Francisco Chronicle. Have no fear, hometown reviewers, as your insights will still appear on a restaurant’s page, they just won’t be featured. After all those in-depth Yelp etc reviews we posted, we thought we were finally being taken seriously as food critics…

facebook restaurant critic reviews

Whether you trust the pros or your friends’ insiders recs, cheers to a good meal ;)

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