Facebook may currently be the top social media site when it comes to comments and likes, but with videos like Chewbacca Mom and even peeps giving birth now being broadcast over the site, Facebook is saying that within five years, our fave social media site could be ALL videos. With the vids already popping up in comments and some users loving them 鈥 while others find them to be a total nuisance 鈥 it looks like the transition might be great for some and not so awesome for others.


While attending Fortune 鈥榮 Most Powerful Women International Summit in London, Facebook鈥檚 European VP, Nicola Mendelsohn, reportedly said that Facebook will most likely be 鈥渁ll video鈥 within five short years. 鈥淚f I was having a bet, it鈥檇 be video, video, video,鈥 she said, adding that Facebook Live is 鈥渁 bigger, faster phenomenon鈥 than predicted, with users 鈥渓oving the behind-the-scenes content.鈥

FB users currently watch an average 100 million hours of video on Facebook mobile every single day, with daily views increasing from one billion to eight billion in just one year. Holy popular, Batman!

With today鈥檚 Facebook being so much about sharing links, tagging friends and posting pics, it鈥檚 hard to imagine a video-dominated FB. But who鈥檚 to say what will happen in five years? That鈥檚 practically forever when it comes to social media.

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(h/t Refinery 29 , photos via Hocus Focus Studio/iStock)