Like it or not, notifications have become a part of our daily lives. Your Facebook is constantly blowing up with notifications like “FYI, so-and-so has like your photos” or “You’ve been invited to some music show in Kansas by a random acquaintance” — or the best: “Your neighbor’s husband has commented on this photo too.” Too often, these notifications are NOT worth disrupting your convo/dinner/workday for, and luckily, Facebook knows that. With their recent update, everyone’s fave social media network decided to make their Notifications tab waaaaay smarter. Finally, you can catch up on all the things you actually want to see. In fact, Facebook has been doing a lot of serious upgrades like the recent fix they released for the whole app draining your smartphone battery issue and its recent landmark announcement that it plans on rolling out other options just just the “Like” button. We like where this is going, Facebook.


The upgraded Notifications tab now not only tells you when someone you know interacts with your profile, but also lets you know to congratulate your friends when they’ve got a major life event and remind you about birthdays. Imagine that. Facebook wants you to actually be a better friend.


Notifications will also tell you the scores for the game your fave team is playing, the weather report for your locations, movie times for new flicks hitting the theaters (you can even watch trailers from directly in the Notifications tab), local events you can go to if you’ve got nothing to do and even the airing times for TV shows you like. Basically, it’s catered to show you what you like. Rather than getting annoyed by notifications, you might actually want to check ’em now.

Check out Facebook’s video introducing the new features below.

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