One of the greatest things about living in a cyber world is the ability to be anywhere and talk to anyone without actually having to go anywhere. Recently, Google rolled out Google Duo, an Apple FaceTime competitor, and now, Facebook is throwing their hat in the ring. Today they released a new feature for Messenger that allows users to add live video to their conversations.


Instant Video is a new add-on, live now in Facebook Messenger. The social media company is hoping that the new feature will make video calling the new norm, instead of reserving it for special occasions. Whether you’re out shopping for new clothes and need a second opinion NOW or just want to see your friends laugh at your joke, Instant Video wants to make it easier to get face-to-face.

To activate Instant Video, you have to already be in a conversation on Messenger. A video button will pop up in the top right corner when both friends are online and in the chat. Tap it once to share only video and once more to start sharing sound. Your friend can choose to stream back, if they wish. And that’s it. Get ready to start video chatting casually.

Check out the whole video below!

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(Photos via Facebook, Getty)