Australia-based food retailer 100% Genuine has released a technology called “facepay” in their Shanghai store. Facepay is a smart payment system that uses face recognition to process payments — meaning, this is way beyond Apple Pay. The technology scans your face and hands, records the capillary network data and stores it in the shop’s big data center. Then when you want to buy something, you just show yourself at the cash register and the payment is processed.

Holy crap. Does this mean no more waiting in lines at the grocery store? Maybe they could come up with some kind of scanner to figure out what stuff is in our carts and then we could just casually walk out the door and have paid for everything automatically? If so, we can overlook the slightly creepy factor of a grocery store named “100% Genuine” knowing a lot about our blood vessels. If not, we’re… hesitant.

What do you think the impacts of this technology could be? Let us know in the comments!

(h/t China Daily)