14 Festive + Modern Fall Wreaths You Can DIY
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14 Festive + Modern Fall Wreaths You Can DIY

We’re all fan girls for fall. The crisp air, bright trees, layering tees, chunky knit sweaters and pumpkin spice craze are hard not to love. This year, why not flaunt this obsession on your own front door? These 14 DIY wreaths will sit pretty on your porch until snowflakes start falling and we all freak out over snowmen, hot cocoa and presents.

1. Perfectly Pastel: They’re not just for spring anymore. In fact, as fall pastels make a comeback in fashion, you can create this wreath from cardstock paper and a few leaf-shaped templates. (via Proper)

2. Woodland Whimsy: You might not notice at first glance (okay, we’re only saying that because we didn’t), but the base of this wreath isn’t a wire form: It’s a series of wooden rods brought together to create the shape of a circle. On top of that, the designer added fresh botanical accents and gold to punch up its already earthy feel. (via Sinnenrausch)

3. Feather Pretty: Turkeys get all the attention this season, but there are much prettier feathers out there. This glitzy wreath forgoes the traditional fall decor palette for a color more commonly found in fall wardrobes: rich emerald green. A sprinkling of golden sequins makes the whole thing pop. (via Nest of Posies)

4. Paper Leaf Wreath: You could gather up some crunchy brown fall leaves and try your hand at gluing them in a circle to create a wreath. Or, you could pick out some coordinating patterned and *glitter* paper to create your own flashy wreath. It’s up to you. (via Polka Dot Chair)

5. Golden Glam: This wreath is reminiscent of the golden crowns of Grecian gods and goddesses, which is why it’s perfect for a glam entrance. Spray paint some leaves with a bit of gold, adhere them to a wreath form and let your wall or front door wear the victory crown this season. (via Happy Chantilly)

6. Wheat Love: This wheat grass-based wreath carries well wishes for a happy fall season. Hey, maybe hanging it on your door will bring some extra cheer for the best fall season yet. (via Houseful of Handmade)

7. Fall for Flowers: Spring doesn’t have dibs on *all* the flowers. This ultra-modern wreath is more sleek and simplistic. If you need it to feel a bit more autumnal, you can swap out the bright flowers for a subdued pansy, mum or other fall bloom. (via Kendall-Jackson)

8. Chalkboard Chic: If you have good handwriting, this could be the craft for you. Write your seasonal greetings onto a small chalkboard before adhering leaves, berries, acorns or anything that goes with your fall-centric message. (via Country Living)

9. Owl Be Back: Animal patterns come in and go out of fashion quickly — remember zebra-print everything? No bird screams fall more than the owl — with the exception of the turkey, of course. Nest a snowy one into your front-door wreath and you’ll have a piece of decor that’ll transition perfectly from fall to winter. (via Lacquer & Linen)

10. Colorful Fall Leaf: This Magnolia leaf-based wreath is all kinds of bright and beautiful. All you have to do is spray-paint leaves in the colors of your choice and hot glue them to a wreath form. After hanging your wreath, accent your front stoop with planters and gourds galore. (via HGTV Magazine)

11. Bronze Bliss: Wouldn’t it be amazing if all fall leaves had a metallic hue? You can make this happen on your front door with bronzy, metallic spray paint. It’s the perfect glitzy and glam-y DIY. (via Domestically Speaking)

12. Oh, Gourd: Pumpkins get all the glory, but gourds also make superb fall decorations. This wreath brings together an entire orchard full of gourds to make the ultimate fall statement. (via Better Homes & Gardens)

13. Jewel Toned Leaves: This interesting number requires that you wrap a wreath form in yarn before adding greenery in just about any color but green. The crafter chose gorgeous fall jewel tones instead of warm fall hues, and we aren’t mad about it. (via Hometalk)

14. Wool-on Cute: Wool is a fabric most associated with the big, cozy sweaters of fall, so why not incorporate it into your seasonal decor? This wreath does require that its maker know his or her way around a needle. If you can thread and sew, though, it’s a pretty cute project to take on. (via The Magic Onions)

Which wreath do you love? Tell us — and show us pictures of your own creations — in the comments!