Presenting Brit + Co x Disney's Family Night In

Brit Morin here, Founder and CEO of Brit + Co, and mom to two rambunctious kiddos. Getting to re-experience childhood traditions is one of my favorite things about being a parent.

The fact that my boys, Ansel and Austin, get just as excited about Disney classics as I do is such a fun way to connect, and sometimes I secretly love a rainy afternoon because it’s an excuse to cuddle up on the couch for a movie sesh.

That’s why I’m excited to launch Brit + Co x Disney’s Family Night In. From sweets and treats to DIY activities that pair perfectly with your fave films, this hub of cinematic creativity has been designed with parents and kids in mind.

Scroll on to see how we created fun movie night activities for Cinderella (now part of the Walt Disney Signature Collection) and Dumbo (the new one!).


6 Life Lessons You Can Teach Your Little Ones Through Cinderella


6 Life Lessons You Can Teach Your Little Ones Through Cinderella

The classic tale of Cinderella has been reinvented dozens, maybe even hundreds, of times over the years because the themes and lessons in it are so dang relatable. Of course, most of us don’t have evil stepsisters and mice as BFFs, but learning to practice kindness and courage in spite of daily challenges is something all kiddos and grown-ups can tap into. We’ve teamed up with Disney to bring these lessons to life in a sweet movie night setup with star-shaped snacks, DIY magic wands, and the most magical balloons ever ;) It’s all part of our Family Night In series. Now, time to cue up Cinderella, learn some life lessons, and make magic!

1. Be Kind: The biggest takeaway is just how far kindness can go. Cinderella definitely drew the short end of the stick after her father passed away, but managed to wake up in good spirits every single day. She formed friendships with the people (okay, creatures -- okay, mice!) around her and showed them kindness by feeding them, clothing them, and being their friend. They, in turn, helped her at any chance they got and were instrumental in leading her to her happily ever after. Exercising kindness and assuming the best of even the worst situations takes time, but is an invaluable life skill.

2. Learn to Be Resourceful + Creative: Our girl Cinderella is like the OG DIY princess. She knows how to make anything using scraps she finds around the castle, and we love her army of DIY’ing creatures. Learning that you can make just about anything you set your mind to is a great lesson to pass on to your kids. Not to mention how important creative expression is for any age! As part of our Cinderella night, we set up a station for making DIY magic wands while watching the movie.

Here's the quick how-to:

  1. Gather your materials. Choose ribbons with all sorts of different colors and textures.
  2. Cut ribbons to the same length, then use a push pin to attach them to the top of a wooden dowel.
  3. Top with a sparkly cutout star on either side (covering the pin).


3. Practice Patience: As our (we’ve adopted her, obvs) Fairy Godmother aptly said, “Even miracles take a little time.” Throughout everything, Cinderella shows us how important it is to have patience and to maintain faith that if you work hard and practice kindness, things just might turn your way. We recommend encouraging your kiddos to be their own Fairy Godmother and to make their *own* magic.

4. Dream Big: This is a theme that shows up time and time again in many of our Disney favorites, and Cinderella is no exception. After all, a dream is a wish your heart makes! Teaching your minis about having big dreams and goals is important — you can instill in them the fact that they can do anything, be anything, and dream BIG.

5. Hold Onto Hope: As Cinderella definitely knows, life is not always chock-full of birds chirping and sunshine. Sometimes you have a rough day or week, and it’s okay. And then you get through it, because hope is right around the corner.

6. Have Courage: Achieving your dreams and getting through tough times takes grit! Cinderella believes that her kindness and courage will light the way. Instilling courage and the idea of being brave will go a long way with the kids in your life.

And bonus, always have lots of snacks!

We hope this inspires you to schedule a Cinderella movie night with your kids, or friends! :) Starting June 18th, you can watch Cinderella instantly on Digital & Movies Anywhere, and on Blu-ray June 25.


Dream Big: How to Throw a Dumbo-Themed Family Movie Night

The new Dumbo is almost here! Re-imagined by Tim Burton, this 2019 take on one of our favorite childhood classics is a beautiful live action version of the original and comes out on Digital, Movies Anywhere, and Blu-ray June 25th. Chock-full of drama and intrigue, with that flying elephant you know and love, this is definitely a movie night both grown-ups and kids will enjoy. In partnership with Disney, we’re excited to share our tips and tricks for putting together your own Dumbo-themed movie night, complete with circus peanuts, a DIY dream mobile, and clever ideas for inspiring your kids to chase their biggest dreams.

Create an Under-the-Big-Top Style Fort: First, to mix things up, we’re ditching the usual couch scene for a custom fort! We piled a bunch of floor pillows up (you could also use couch cushions) and topped them with cozy blankets, throw pillows, and, of course, at least one pink elephant. We bought a canopy and added our own string lights, inspired by the big top!

It's an easy way to make your next movie night feel extra special. Plus, your kids will probably want to play in it for days afterwards!

Make Your Own DIY Dream Mobiles: Next up, we’re getting crafty! You can set this up as an activity during the movie or before or after it, depending on what kind of attention span you’re dealing with ;) We created dream mobiles that encourage kids (and adults!) to think about their dreams, both big and small.

The how-to is simple as can be:

  1. The materials are simple and easy to find! All you need is felt, paper, thread, scissors, and string.
  2. Use cookie cutters or stencils to trace stars and clouds out of felt.
  3. Cut, sew, and stuff your shapes.
  4. Use thread to attach all of your pieces together to create a mobile. Write your biggest dreams and goals on paper clouds.

Dream on, dream big, a dream is a wish your heart makes, you know ;) And yes please to the ice cream party! Speaking of yummy treats…

Set Up a Table of Circus Snacks: You can’t have a family night in without plenty of sustenance. We put together a table of circus-inspired snacks like soft pretzels, rock candy, circus peanuts, and a custom mix of popcorn, circus animal crackers, and pretzels. So delish.

Instead of going for the full mess of cotton candy, we made cotton candy drink toppers to pair with lemonade.

Spend Time Talking About the Big Dreams You Have: Throughout the movie, the characters talk about their big hopes and dreams. Millie dreams of being a scientist, Medici dreams of his glory days as a circus MC, and Dumbo dreams of reuniting with his mother. Ask your kids to think about what their big dreams are, and tell them some of yours.

Don’t Forget The Art of the Friendly Pillow Fight: Who doesn’t love a pillow fight? Especially when fluffy cloud-shaped pillows are involved.

And just like that, you’re one step closer to an amazing dream-worthy movie night for the whole family. Don’t forget to add Dumbo to your watchlist, available on Digital, Movies Anywhere and Blu-ray June 25th.

B+C Studios in partnership with Disney.

Author + Creative Director: Anjelika Temple

Photographer: Brittany Griffin

Production + Styling: Tiffany Davis and Henry Braff

Cinderella Models: Deb Quintos Heyrana, Quinn Heyrana de Leyos, Rowan Heyrana de Leyos

Dumbo Models: Tabitha Pruitt, Imani Pruitt, Tyrice Johnson Jr, Jessica Butler, Laiya Hair

Hair + Makeup: Stephanie Cardenas