It’s so hard trying to capture nice photos of your kids. Their attention spans are short and sitting still for mom just to say “cheese” is not so fun. Plus, hiring a professional photographer can get expensive, right?

That’s why we partnered with photographer Angie Monson to give you all her tips and tricks so that you can take your own family photos (and make it more fun in the process). After taking her photography course, Family Photography: Capturing Your Little Ones, you’ll be able to take photos of your kiddos like this:


Why? For a limited time, the class is 25 percent off. Plus, by enrolling in the class early, you’ll automatically be entered into our class giveaway. One lucky winner will receive prizes up to a $438 in value (whoa!), including:

  • A one-hour photography mentoring Skype session with Angie.
  • Two Brit + Co online classes of your choice.

We will pick one winner at random on Monday, November 13. Good luck!

In her 52-minute family photography course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Take stunning photos both indoors and outdoors by adjusting the three most important settings on your camera (ISO, f-stop, and shutter speed)
  • Use various tactics to get natural smiles and reactions from your kids without having to have them say “cheese!” Fake smiles are no good!
  • Shoot different types of shots for a boy and a girl. You’ll use different light amounts, poses, and props to get the best shot possible.
  • Take similar photos on your smartphone using some of Angie’s tips on camera adjustments, the rule of thirds, finding your focal point, and more!

We know that when it comes to snapping family moments, you want to take the best photos possible. That’s why this class is perfect for you!

You don’t want to miss this class! ENROLL in our Family Photography: Capturing Your Little Ones online course today!