There’s no need to wait ’til New Year’s Eve to break out your mixology skills. Whether you’re entertaining guests or simply looking to treat yo’ self at the end of the day, these 14 fancy cocktails are just what you need to shake things up. Featuring an assortment of spirits, there’s something here for everyone to sip on!

1. Paloma: Taking the time to use fresh juice in place of grapefruit soda is essential to making the paloma a memorable sip. Trust us, it will be memorable, so much so that it just may replace the marg. (via Stasty)

2. The Vesper Martini: James Bond’s drink of choice, this martini combines gin, vodka and a splash of Lillet, and is, of course, shaken, not stirred. (via The Framed Table)

3. Herbs + Rye’s Ramos Gin Fizz: Shake up this cocktail featuring a souffle-like crown on top in fewer than the 12 minutes dictated by tradition. Its creamy, frothy mouthfeel comes courtesy of heavy cream and an egg white. (via Vegas Seven)

4. Rosemarycano: Enjoy this Americano that elevates the usual Campari and vermouth base with the herbal, woody aroma of a bruised rosemary sprig. (via Brag + Butter)

5. Martinez Cocktail: Can’t decide between a Manhattan or martini? Behold, this here cocktail is the solution! (via 10th Kitchen)

6. Brown Butter Old Fashioned: An overnight infusion of brown butter in bourbon lends just enough of a nutty nuance to this Don Draper-approved sip. (via Kitchen Konfidence)

7. Hemingway Daiquiri: No frozen mixes allowed. This recipes takes the classic rum, lime juice and sugar daiquiri combo to the next level with the addition of grapefruit juice, maraschino cherry liqueur and a drop of simple syrup. (via Fine Cooking)

8. Elderflower and Raspberry Jelly: This edible cocktail — a fancy Jello shot, if you will — is brought to you by Bompas + Parr, a duo famous for combining food with art and architecture. (via Woman + Home)

9. Green Tea and Peach Julep: Give your next mint julep an antioxidant boost courtesy of the addition of iced green tea. (via Hello Natural)

10. Negroni Cocktail Two Ways: Whether you go for the classic, with equal parts gin, Campari and sweet vermouth shaken together, or choose to switch things up by swapping Bourbon in for gin and adding a few dashes of bitters, it’s easy as can be to serve up this cocktail at home. (via Bourbon and Honey)

11. The Vegan Pisco Sour: Beer replaces an egg white to make a sip that’s suitable for vegans and those who are a bit more squeamish when it comes to imbibing raw egg. (via Stir and Strain)

12. One for the Money: A homemade tincture — in this instance, one made with saffron and cardamom alone — screams fancy cocktail. But it doesn’t end there! Cocchi Americano, St. Germain and Prosecco also join in on the fun! (via The Bojon Gourmet)

13. Jack Rose: This terrific-for-fall classic cocktail combines Applejack, lime juice and grenadine to deliver a simple yet nuanced drink. Though, now we have a craving to watch Titanic (Jack and Rose, anyone?). (via Treats and Eats)

14. Verano: Don’t wait around for summer to make this tequila-Aperol-grapefruit refresher. The inclusion of DIY oleo saccharum — essentially a syrup made by muddling strips of citrus peel and sugar together — adds a delightful layer of flavor as well. (via Saveur)

What kinds of fancy drinks do you enjoy mixing up at home? Let’s talk craft cocktails in the comments!