For foodies, spring is one of the *best* times of the year. That’s not to say summer barbecues or holiday desserts aren’t fabulous too, but spring holds a unique place in our hearts mainly because of the bounty of light, fresh veggies that come in season. Galettes made with spring veggies, healthy detox recipes, and spring lamb recipes are just a few of our favorite things to make around this time of year. And the best ingredients for these creations are the seasonal veggies you can pick up at your local farmers’ market.

Asparagus is practically synonymous with spring, so it’s no surprise that it makes our list. Asparagus recipes should be a major component of your diet right about now, particularly between the months of April and July.

And speaking of more spring recipes with healthy ingredients, now’s the best time of year to fill up on spring peas. Peas are a healthy source of vegan protein, and are also a delicious addition to pretty much anything.

Scallions and leeks are both allium vegetables — the same kind of veggie as an onion. Therefore, it makes sense that you can add these green and flavorful veggies to literally ANYTHING, from pea soup to asparagus salad.

Green beans and spinach, of course, are basically mainstays. There are *tons* of green bean recipes out there — these babies are much more than a casserole ingredient — and spinach can, of course, be added to all manner of smoothies and soups.

And finally, the wild cards: radishes and rhubarb. Radishes are perfect for spring salad recipes, while rhubarb works best in a homemade jam. If you’ve been itching to up your DIY game with jams and preserves, now’s the time to give it a try.

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