Designers and models have long run the show in the style industry, but there’s a quiet celebrity of the fashion world emerging, showing us that fame is just pencil and paper, fierce imagination and an Instagram account away. Thanks to the imaginative doodles of female fashion illustrators, it’s more possible than ever to make a name for yourself in fashion. Ready to find your place? Follow your style instincts to our newest addition to the B+C online classroom: Fashion Illustration with Anum Tariq!

Fashion Illustration

This beginner-friendly class is perfectly suited for anyone who lives and breathes fashion and is ready to turn their passion into art. It’s also a great way to set your fashion blog apart from the rest!

In under an hour, you’ll learn how to:

  • Draw stylistic figures and poses
  • Translate patterns and fabric from image to illustration
  • Create an art piece inspired by street style and fashion trends

Anum knows all about how to get your start in the industry. Her foray into fashion illustration began with a summer mini-course in Paris, and now she works with fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands like Macy’s, Seventeen magazine and E! News.

This class is just the beginning! When it’s over, you’ll have a new eye for style trends AND all the tools and skills to reimagine and share your favorite looks. Instagram, prepare yourself…


The Fashion Illustration Kit ($59) includes everything you need for the class, like a sketchbook, markers, brush pens, black ink pens, markers and pencils, AND we’ll cut you a special rate for buying the class and kit together.

Let’s get started: Enroll in Fashion Illustration today! Once you purchase, the class video is yours forever. You can watch at your own pace and reference it whenever you need to brush up on a particular course topic.

Interested in testing the waters and taking a FREE class with us? Check out our Intro to Gold Foiling class to get access to this fun, quick and simple course.

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