Father’s Day is coming up faster than you realize, and if you want to surprise Dad with a little “coffee” to go along with his bacon cinnamon rolls in the morning, we’ve got just the DIY for you! You know those “world’s best (blank)” mugs? Yep, you know the ones! Well, we’re showing you how to turn a cupcake into an edible World’s Best Dad mug for a fun Father’s Day treat.



— chocolate cupcakes

— white fondant

— chocolate frosting

— toothpick


— black edible food coloring marker

— knife



1. Start out with chocolate cupcakes and remove the cupcake liner.

2. Cut the tops off of the cupcake.

3. Using chocolate frosting, stick two of the cupcakes together so you have a two-tiered cake.

4. Put the chocolate frosting around the outside of the cake.

5. Cut a strip of fondant tall enough and long enough to fit around the outside of the cake. Secure it to the outside and pinch together the seam.

6. With the black food coloring marker, write “World’s Best Dad” on the outside of the fondant.

7. Roll a fondant “handle” and stick it on the side of the mug with toothpicks.


Make sure your cupcake is chilled before putting the frosting and fondant on the outside. This will make sure the fondant doesn’t slip when you wrap it around the cupcake.


Dad’s gonna love this dessert!


Morning coffee is about to get a whole lot sweeter!


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