Are you looking to amp things up this Father’s Day? Then the last thing you want to do for your dad is just hand him a card and call it a day. This year, let’s really celebrate the pops that have always been there for us. The ones that weren’t afraid to braid our hair when we were younger and were thoughtful enough to listen to our worries. Get the whole gang together and decorate with these 13 party ideas even dad will get a kick out of.


1. Party Favor Bags: If your dad is the dapper type, express how much you love his style by creating these party favor bags. Fill them up with his favorite candy or maybe a beer or two. (via Paper Crave)


2. Brownie Burger Cupcakes: They always say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If that is true for your dad, then bake these delicious burger-shaped cupcakes for your Father’s Day party. Add some cookie fries and a milkshake for that finishing touch. (via Bakerella)


3. Baseball Party: Celebrate with an American pastime by taking your dad to the ball game (at home). Play catch in the backyard, eat Cracker Jacks and reminisce with him about his childhood. All while randomly yelling, “Peanuts! Who wants peanuts!?” (via Hostess With the Mostess)


4. Best Pop Ever: Let’s say your dad is a Coca-Cola fanatic. He won’t even touch that Pepsi stuff. Give him a gift that he will cherish by creating a new label for the iconic can. Instead of nutritional facts, type all the qualities of your dad that you love, and then put a bow on top. (via Oopsey Daisy)


5. Chalkboard Labels: Celebrate your dad in style with these chalkboard labels. They have funny food puns on them and are still pretty darn classy. Your dad will think you are kind of a big deal after this party. (via Lia Griffith)


6. The Foodie Party: When your dad never stops talking about food, you know this basket is for him. Grab his favorite snacks and print these labels to place on each container. Don’t be surprised if your dad takes an Instagram picture of all your hard work. (via The Elli Blog)


7. Breakfast Lovin’: Greet your dad with some morning treats by grabbing his favorite donuts and printing out a makeshift newspaper as his card. He might be in a food coma by 11 am, but it will be worth it. (via Minted)


8. Necktie Napkin Fold: Instead of buying your dad a brand new tie (for the 10th time), create this necktie napkin for your Father’s Day meal together. He’ll appreciate your creativity and the delicious pancakes you whip up. (Smarty Had a Party)


9. DIY Dad Glasses: Wearing these glasses at your Father’s Day gathering will put a smile on your dad’s face. While he won’t see any clearer, at least he will be pretty funny looking. (via Mr. Printables)


10. Hardware Store Garland: If Home Depot is your dad’s home away from home, create a banner to showcase his love for his beloved hardware store with some paint swatches and alphabet stickers. (via Oh Happy Day)


11. Beer and Hot Dog Cookies: Bake your favorite guy these delicious cookies shaped like hot dogs and beers. You could always make him the real stuff, but cookies are definitely a better idea. (via Bake Eat at 350)


12. Father’s Day Gift Wrap: Who needs newspaper when you have this awesome wrapping paper? It looks so good, your dad might not even want to open his gift. Ahh, who are we kidding? (via Almost Makes Perfect)


13. Zombie Survivor Kit: If your dad thinks The Walking Dead is actually going to happen, then this survival kit is perfect for him. Fill it with everything he needs, in addition to a few items he has been dying for. Get it? (via Popsicle Blog)

How are you going to celebrate Father’s Day with your pops? Let us know in the comments below!