It was the most surprising Oscars night of all time. When Warren Beatty accidentally announced that聽La La Land won Best Picture rather than Moonlight, we were all floored. The producers of both films were gracious about the outcome that Moonlight was, in fact, the winner of the night. While there have been hilarious reactions to the entire snafu, and the Academy has talked about how the whole thing even happened, one person who鈥檚 remained silent was Beatty鈥檚 co-presenter, Faye Dunaway. That is, until now.

In an NBC News聽exclusive, Dunaway opened up about her role in the famous flub. Just like the rest of us, she assumed that Beatty鈥檚 pause was purely for dramatics. 鈥淗e looked over me, offstage. He looked around. And I finally said, 鈥榊ou鈥檙e impossible.鈥 I thought he was joking. I mean, I thought he was stalling. Warren鈥檚 like that. He kind of holds the power and makes people wait.鈥

The Bonnie and Clyde star continued, saying she felt 鈥済uilty鈥 for her part in the mixup. Of course, it鈥檚 neither Dunaway or Beatty鈥檚 fault that the two cards got mixed up, nor should she feel blame or responsibility for the situation. Sometimes mistakes happen and this one just managed to happen during one of the biggest live television broadcasts in the world.

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(h/t E!Online; photo via Kevin Winter/Getty)