For years, the biggest problem we’ve faced when it comes to antibacterial soaps is what scents to choose during soap stock up sales — should we branch out with a new scent? Stick to what we know? Gah, THERE’S SO MANY OPTIONS AND WE WANT THEM ALL!

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As it turns out, we should all be backing away from, well, all of them — at least according to the FDA. The administration announced today that by September 6, 2017, soaps with antimicrobial ingredients, such as Triclosan, will be banned from shelves.

“Companies will no longer be able to market antibacterial washes with these ingredients because manufacturers did not demonstrate that they are both safe for long-term daily use and more effective than plain soap and water in preventing illness and the spread of certain infections,” the FDA wrote in its decision.

While hand sani and antibac wipes will still be legal for your post-subway needs, the FDA is putting the kibosh on the sale of antibacterial soaps everywhere except hospitals.

The administration had previously approved the ingredients listed in such soaps on the thought that elements of the harmful chemicals were safe due to their trace amounts, but an increase in the use of the soaps has seen Triclosan (which kills both good and bad bacteria, allowing germs to become resistant to antibiotics in the process), appearing in both human milk as well as dolphin’s blood — eeek!

The good news is that many companies, such as Bath & Body Works, have practiced good foresight by removing the banned ingredients from their products as early as 2014, so healthier, more natural soaps from top carriers may be hitting the shelves well ahead of schedule.

And in the meantime? Looks like plain old regular soap will just have to do in a pinch! Or, you can always just make your own. 

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Editor’s note: An earlier version of this post included Bath & Body Works as a carrier of antibacterial soaps with Triclosan. The company stopped selling soaps with this ingredient in 2014. The post has been updated, and we regret the error!