Drum roll, please: It’s time to announce this week’s hottest Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns! With tons of new tech goodies in the news this week (including now being able to register to vote on Snapchat and Twitter), we can’t wait to see what the makers of the world have come up with. From a fidget-friendly work accessory to lifetime warranty pants, we are super excited to support (and play with!) these cool new products.


1. Fidget Cube: My name is Ashley and I am a perpetual fidgeter. Losing a fair few hair elastics and decorative rings to this problem, I’m ridiculously excited (and so are my desk mates, TBH) about this cool and addictive desk toy with six completely different fidgeting activities.


2. Fizzics Waytap: If you watched the season eight premiere of Shark Tank, you’ve probably already heard of this cool hostess-friendly product. Using sound wave technology, it creates a delicious and foamy craft beer tap out of any can or bottle.


3. The Forever O.G. Pants: Can you imagine a world where you only had to buy one pair of work pants for the rest of your life? This awesome product is odor, liquid and stain resistant and backed by a lifetime quality guarantee. Heck, even if you outgrow them after Thanksgiving dinner (don’t worry, we all do), they’ll send you a new one that fits for free!


4. Rewordable: Kevin O’Leary might have a problem with board games, but we love ‘em. Part Scrabble, part Cards Against Humanity, this addicting new game is sure to inspire some overly competitive game nights in the near future.


5. Zenta: We’re not going to lie — we first fell in love with this sweet wristlet because it’s gorgeous, but it actually does some pretty innovative things too. Not only is it super stylish, but it tracks your physical activity, sleep quality, breathing patterns, stress levels and overall mood too.


6. Quieton: Whether you’ve just moved in with a perpetual snorer or you’re trying your hardest to finish a presentation in an over-crowded coffee shop, we could all do with a little silence in our lives. This sweet new product puts bulky noise-canceling headphones to shame with a sleek and easy-to-carry system… that actually works!

7. She Started It Documentary: Only three percent of all tech start-ups are founded by women. That’s insane! This film follows the lives of five driven girlbosses who are leaders of the tech industry — and we already can’t wait.


8. Buff You Intimates: There’s a surprising lack of options for women with regards to nude lingerie. As Buff You Intimates so delicately puts it, “With careers in areas from finance to fine arts, we know that our appearance matters, and we want our personalities to show through — not our underwear.”


9. Meater: Cooking the Thanksgiving bird has never been easier. Meater is the first wireless smart meat thermometer that helps you cook the perfect turkey every time… you even get a notification on your smartphone when the bird is done!


10. Kollen: This beautiful bookshelf is perfect for design-savvy lofts or cozy reading nooks. A modular and interacting design that changes depending on what you place on the shelves, it’s a great option for the girl who’s always rearranging her furniture.

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