These days we may be all about Taylor Swift and her bae, Tom Hiddleston, now that we’ve put the Calvin Harris relationship (and its aftermath) behind us, but before Loki earned the “Bad Blood” singer’s love, Scott Eastwood was playing Swift’s “boy toy” in her video for “Wildest Dreams.” Though people questioned why the son of a Hollywood icon — and Suicide Squad actor in his own right — would want such a role, Scott has some fine things to say about the set up.

Taylor Swift

A super hot take on an on-screen/off-screen relationship, Scott’s peeps didn’t at first get why he agreed to the gig. “[My agents] were saying things like, ‘Why would you want to go be Taylor Swift’s boy toy?’” Eastwood said in a new interview with GQ Australia’s September/October issue. “I go, ‘Well, why wouldn’t I? Are you kidding?’”

Scott Eastwood

No doubt it was a wise move for Scott, as he became the man-of-the-moment for many of Taylor’s devoted fans who are surely still crushing on the 30-year-old who’s “handsome as hell / He’s so bad but he does it so well.”

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(h/t MTV; photos via Mark Davis, Bryan Bedder/Getty)