You know warm-weather season has arrived when you find yourself craving聽fish聽over the heartier comforts of聽slow-cooker stews.聽And that鈥檚 a good thing, because not聽only is the protein聽healthy, but it鈥檚 quick and easy when you go the route of parchment recipes聽鈥 or, in French, 鈥渆n papillote.鈥 Almost any food can be baked in a parchment pouch, but it鈥檚 an especially tasty method for steaming聽seafood alongside聽veggies and aromatic herbs. Here are 13 fish en papillote recipes that will have you saying YES to fish for dinner, armed with nothing more fancy than your toaster oven.

1.聽Fish en Papillote With Asparagus, Tomatoes, and Herbs: You can鈥檛 go wrong by choosing a rainbow of veggies to pair alongside a flaky fish. (via聽Haggen Northwest Fresh)

2.聽Cod en Papillote With Potatoes, Asparagus, and Scallion Pistoud: This recipe聽cooks the fish and vegetables perfectly, leaving the asparagus with a little bit of crunch to balance out the cod. But it鈥檚 the聽scallion, garlic, lemon, and EEOO sauce that鈥檚聽the real star of this show. (via A聽Better Happier St. Sebastian)

3.聽Citrus Scallops en Papillote With Herb Emulsion: Here we have another tasty herb sauce that really makes this dish special. Fennel and anise add a bit of sweetness, while the addition of grapefruit gives it all a nice zing. (via Salt and Wind)

4.聽Fish Puttanesca en Papillote With Zucchini: Parchment cooking makes entertaining easy when you鈥檝e got friends dropping by. Not only is cooking and cleanup a breeze, but it鈥檚聽fun to see everyone open their own little packet. (via Williams Sonoma)

5.聽Tuna en Papillote With Italian Salsa Verde: Cooking en papillote may sound聽fancy, but it鈥檚 incredibly easy and customizable, so you can use what you have on hand. This recipe calls for a splash of white wine, but you could substitute vermouth聽or a squeeze of lemon or lime聽juice and it will be just as tasty. (via聽Lexi Bites)

6.聽Halibut en Papillote: Halibut is a meatier white fish that takes well to parchment steaming. (via聽To Live & Diet in LA)

7.聽Shrimp, Bok Choy, and Noodles en Papillote: If you鈥檙e thinking a bit of carbs would be nice to soak up all the seafood juices, add some soaked or precooked noodles right into your packets. (via聽Seasons and Suppers)

8.聽One-Pan Miso-Citrus Cod With Green Beans:聽Nail the classic flavor combo of cod and miso in one easy parchment recipe. (via聽A Modest Feast)

9.聽Chilean Sea Bass in a Bag: You can鈥檛 go wrong with聽Chilean sea bass steamed with dry white wine, lemons, herbs, and veggies 鈥 the fish is rich and incredibly flakey. (via聽That Oven Feelin鈥)

10.聽Cambodian Fish Amok en Papillote: Something magical happens when fish is steamed in fragrant spices, shrimp paste, and聽coconut milk.聽(via Lisa鈥檚 Lemony Kitchen)

11.聽Salmon en Papillote With Miso Butter: If you haven鈥檛 tried miso butter, prepare to meet your new food obsession. Miso + butter = a聽perfect sauce聽for steamed fish. (via Wild Greens &聽Sardines)

12. Salmon en Papillote With Vegetables: This recipe includes an herb compound butter made with聽basil, parsley, and lemon peel聽that鈥檚 out of this world. (via聽Jessica Gavin)

13.聽Mediterranean Cod en Papillote:聽This recipe calls for a dry rub of herbs and spices that makes every bite of fish as tasty as the last. Pro tip: Seal the edges of your parchment paper with an egg wash to keep聽in the steam and your fish will turn out聽extra flakey every time. (via Killing Thyme)

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