Dudes — do you own a flannel? Well, we’re pretty sure that you do, so behold SIX different ideas for easy Halloween costumes for men using that one shirt! You’re welcome. To make these epic Halloween costumes, we picked up this basic red flannel from our local thrift store for $5 and paired it with a bunch of clothes that our Designer Zane Riley already had. Scroll on to see how we made these super easy (last-minute even!) halloween costumes!


Thanks to Zane for rocking all of these looks!

The Brawny Man Halloween Costume

The strength to get things done.


Men, get those muscles ready and those pearly whites – pearly? The Brawny Man has got it all! He’s got that tough muscle bod to swoop us off our feet, the square jaw line to melt our hearts and the perfect dark hair that we just can’t wait to run our fingers through.


The key to this costume is the muscles. Now, no offense Zane — your muscles are nice, but no where as strong as Mr. Brawny Man. We picked up an extra oomph for this costume from Amazon. Think of it like a push-up bra for your entire torso. Cut off the lower arm section of the muscle suit and roll up the sleeves to get down to business.


“Oh gosh, is that some dirt over there on your vanity mirror? Girl, I’ve got you. Let me fix that.”


Al Borland Halloween Costume

“I don’t think so, Tim.” – Al Borland


Now there is nothing sexier than a man who knows how to use his tool belt. When we were brainstorming flannel costumes, of course we had to bring it back to the ’90s and dress Zane up as Mr. Al Borland from Home Improvement.


The flannel, boot cut jeans, and work boots are the basics to this look, but it’s really all about the accessories. We purchased this basic tool belt from Amazon for $20. Fill it with your tools (or a flask) to really get you in the Halloween spirit.


We all hate measuring to hang up your favorite framed pieces of wall art. Don’t worry, Al is here to save the day.


Men, if you don’t want to commit to a full bushel of a beard, we understand. We picked up this fake beard and find the look quite comical.

Larry the Cable Guy Halloween Costume

“I’m happier than a tornado in a trailer park!” – Larry the Cable Guy


There’s nothing better than a man who can make you laugh. Larry the Cable Guy has a particular kind of humor, but the one thing we can always count on him for is his sleeveless flannel shirts. I guess he must always be running warm.


Get ready to release some anger, because you’ll need to rip off the sleeves for this look. Pair your sleeveless flannel with boot cut jeans, boots and a trucker-inspired baseball cap.


This look says, “My cooking is probably subpar, but I can make you laugh while we try to cook together.” ;)


Larry’s signature look is his goatee-mustache combo. We weren’t going to subject Zane to actually shaving for this costume, so instead we created the look with a fake goatee stick-on beard and a brown eyebrow pencil.

The Hipster Halloween Costume

Our favorite — but at the same time our least favorite — type of man.


Hipster boys, you melt and then break our hearts. Your too-cool suave ways mixed with your amazing man bun hair make us fall for you — then you remind us that you’re unavailable for a relationship due to your four start-ups and beer brewing side hobby that need your constant attention.


Zane completely dressed for this costume himself from his own wardrobe. Pair your flannel with a V-neck tee, cuffed slim-fitting jeans and your best pair of leather loafers. Accessories are a must — think thick-rimmed glasses, beanie hat and a cold beer. PBR or Tecate will do the trick, since you are already in the process of creating the perfect beer yourself ;)


We went with a beanie hat for this look, but there are numerous ways to style your hair when dressing like a hipster. Consider a man bun or man braids if your hair is long enough, or there’s always the undercut that our favorite soccer players have made oh-so trendy.

Marty McFly Halloween Costume

Yes, it is almost that day!


Oh Marty, confused by the world. But real talk – can you believe it is 2015, the year Marty traveled to in his time machine? How time flies.


Marty’s look is all about the layers, so be sure to add a jean jacket and that signature puffy vest over the flannel. Pair with boot cut jeans and the whitest pair of 90’s (dad) sneakers you own.


Don’t forget your main accessory — Marty McFly’s skateboard (or perhaps opt for a hoverboard instead?). Shout-out to my friend Zach who let us borrow his board!


Keep the hair simple. We went for a side part and wind-blown vibes — traveling through time is windy, right?

Wind-blown Man Costume

We’ve all had those bad umbrella days…


This look was our absolute favorite to create. We are just dying over the fact that no wind or fan was used in creating this photo.


We had Zane dress in a normal everyday outfit, then added some wind-blown tweaks. You will want to stick wire down the inside of your tie to give it a rippled shape and then safety pin it to corner of the flannel. We also pinned up the bottom corner of the shirt and taped on some wind-blown newspaper ads to the knee of the pants. Most importantly, you’ll want a broken, inside-out umbrella to complete this costume.


And that’s a wrap! Men, how do you feel about these easy flannel shirt costumes? Tell us in the comments below!

DIY – Kelly Bryden

Beauty – Misty Spinney

Model – Zane Riley

Photography – Chris Andre