If you’re a graphic designer, video editor or even a music lover, you know the struggles of fiddling with your mouse or touchpad for precise alterations. Maybe you need to change the hue or saturation levels to 37, but the slider only goes to 36 and 38. Or maybe you’re adding the finishing production touches to your mixtape, but you can’t get the bass levels quite right with your mouse. Thankfully, there’s Flow, currently raising funds on Indiegogo, to get your projects pixel perfect and precise.


Step one: Get rid of your mouse. Yeah, that little guy has got to go. It’s clearly keeping your creative juices from, well… flowing! Step two: Add Flow to your workspace. You’ll immediately notice its beautiful design and its analog ring. That ring is about to become your best friend (don’t worry, we won’t tell your bestie). It completely knocks out the need for a slider and the frustration of not being able to get perfect precision. With Flow, you can concentrate on how your work looks or sounds with the micro adjustments you need.


To further outdo your average mouse, Flow has a touch face that is programmable. A tap to the left could pull up your recent projects folder while a tap to the right could bring up the page you were last working on. It even has a gesture recognition sensor. You can wave your hand over Flow and it can rotate your models on AutoCAD. Or, if you’re jamming out while you’re working, you can skip songs and adjust the volume with a flick of your hand.


Flow isn’t only great for creatives. Mount it in your home and have it control your smart home devices. It connects through Bluetooth so instead of using a connected app to dim lighting or turn up the heater, you can control it all from your Flow.


Flow hit its Indiegogo goal in three days of its release and reached 200% over in a mere nine days. Although four of their pledge options have already sold out, you can purchase the package that gets you three Flows (which normally go for $100 each) for $279. Check out the details here.

What frustrations do you have with your trackpad or mouse? Would you use Flow at work or at home? Tell us in the comments.