Ford earned a spot in automobile history when Henry Ford made the mass production of cars (and mass production in general) possible with the Model T and the assembly line in 1908. Though Henry Ford didn’t necessarily invent the assembly line (Ransom Olds of Oldsmobile is credited with that), he did perfect it. Now Ford is back with another innovation that, while not new, is still a total game-changer. The Detroit-based car company has launched a new Automotive Wearables Experience Lab that connects your wearable to your car in pretty genius ways.

MyFord Mobile App for Android Wear

Most wearables on the market these days not only track your identity, but your sleep as well. Ford’s new app would allow your wearable to actually inform your car how well-rested you are the moment you enter your car. Based on that information, your vehicle can then make safety adjustments accordingly. One example Ford provides is an Adaptive Cruise Control feature that can actually “increase the distance” between your car and other automobiles on the road when you didn’t have very much sleep the night before, which gives your tired reflexes more time to brake. Smart, huh?

And since we know cars of the future will soon be driving themselves, your wearable can also alert you in case your semi-autonomous vehicle needs you to take over the wheel when it comes across accidents or unmapped road construction. You’ll soon also be able to unlock, start and locate your car with just your voice via Ford’s MyFord mobile app, which they launched for AndroidWear back in September.

According to Ford, the idea behind connecting your wearable to your car is that it “has the ability to enhance the total driver experience,” and we have to agree!

Check out the video introducing the lab below.

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(Photos via Ford)