If you鈥檙e like us and are always looking for easy ways to travel more , there鈥檚 no doubt you鈥檝e already stalked the best travel bloggers and nailed down your packing technique. While you鈥檙e busy preparing for the romantic views, make sure that you鈥檙e mentally prepared for the romantic experiences that may meet you abroad. Relationship expert and author Ty Tashiro says transatlantic relationships can totally work 鈥 if you know how to navigate the waters.


5 Tips for Keeping a Foreign Flame Alive

1. Take advantage of your access to a new culture. While personality traits can span across continents and cultures, your cultural experiences do not. Dating someone overseas can be an awesome opportunity to see a culture from a really intimate perspective. When you see a country through someone you care about, 鈥渢his whole world is opened up to you鈥 that you wouldn鈥檛 get to experience otherwise,鈥 Tashiro says.

2. BUT put the relationship before the experiences. Even though exploring a new world with a new boo is a once-in-a-lifetime, exhilarating experience, Tashiro recommends keeping perspective. If those awesome experiences are something that you want to last, balance all the worldly fun by maintaining a relationship at the same time.

3. Anticipate change. Chances are your new boo lives in a different country than you. Especially when you鈥檙e traveling, Tashiro says to expect and embrace change in yourself. 鈥淵ou change so much in your early twenties already,鈥 Tashiro said. 鈥淭he probability of that process speeding up when you鈥檙e in different environments and cultures is exponential.鈥 However, change isn鈥檛 a bad thing. If you change alongside your partner, those shared experiences could bond you for a long time.

4. Choose FaceTime and Skype over text and email. Today鈥檚 instant global communication means that long-distance relationships have more potential to survive than ever. However, Tashiro suggests being very selective about which avenue you choose: 鈥淔aceTime and Skype make the maximum number of social cues available. You can see someone鈥檚 facial expression and hear the tone in their voice at the same time, whereas text and email actually counteract those cues.鈥

5. Spend time together. A key to keeping a foreign flame alive is planning for more face-to-face contact. Digital communication can certainly bond you during time apart, but it鈥檚 no replacement for the OG face time. 鈥淗ow nice is it to be able to cuddle, kiss and hold hands with someone?鈥 Tashiro says. 鈥淭his tactile component of a relationship is important neurologically and hormonally to maintaining a romantic bond.鈥

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