You probably have a lot of people on your holiday shopping list this year. Frankly, who doesn’t? Between your parents, your siblings, maybe your kids, maybe your siblings’ kids, best friends, grandparents, and just about every other person in your life, plus all the holiday decor and grocery shopping, it’s pretty natural that some people might fall through the cracks. But there’s still plenty of time to brainstorm the right gifts for people you might have forgotten while blasting through your very long shopping agenda.

1. For Your “Work Spouse,” a Zen Life Tabletop Beach Garden ($35): Your work bestie might have ended up at the bottom of the list due to pure economics. Plus, most offices have those pesky spending rules regardless of the fact that your “work spouse,” the person you are attached at the hip to from nine-to-five, is worth way more than a cheesy five-dollar corner store gift. This zen garden will look great on their desk and keep them thinking about the beach when working late nights.

2. For Your Barista, a Mouth Snacking Chocolate Taster ($50): The best gifts for your barista are the ones they can share with their coworkers. Give your barista a treat they and their fellow brewers can enjoy throughout their shift. is an excellent purveyor of treat baskets, including this snackable chocolate one. If you want to continue with the chocolate theme, they also have Single-Origin Chocolate Taster ($50) and a combined Chocolate and Coffee Basket ($62) as well.

3. For Your Dental Hygienist, Gift Pro Tooth-Shaped Succulent Planters ($10): Your hygienist is the unsung hero of the dentist office. While your dentist checks up on your oral health, it’s only after your hygienist has scrubbed your pearly whites to perfection. Thank them with a pretty succulent in an adorable planter to keep on their desk or at home.

4. For Your Registered Nurse or Doctor’s Assistant, an Adorable Page261 Coffee Mug ($15): Speaking of unsung heroes, you know that person who takes the time to check your vitals, ask you questions about your health and meticulously note everything for the doctor at the beginning of your checkup? Your registered nurse or doctor’s assistant is usually the one doing the legwork around the office, so they definitely deserve a little extra appreciation during the holidays.

5. For Your Doorman or Super, Some Warm Fox River Gloves ($22): Naturally, you should give your doorman or super (or both) a nice tip around the holidays to show your appreciation, but your neighborhood’s employees also appreciate a personal gift as well. If you’re not sure what to give them, something homemade or these leather and wool gloves they can wear on the job will do nicely.

6. For Your Mail Carrier, Pop Bar Hot Chocolate on a Stick ($18): Generally speaking, a mail carrier cannot accept gifts simply for being a mail carrier. However, they can accept gifts if they have a personal relationship with you, or if the gift is valued below $20 around a holiday and cannot be exchanged for cash. Edible gifts like these hot chocolate sticks are not only inexpensive but can be shared with post office employees in the break room too.

7. For Your Stylist, Pampering L’Occitane Hand Creams ($29): Your stylist takes care of your hair, so now it’s time to take care of their hands. Shampoo, dyes, bleach, and all that hard water can really wear down a person’s hands and cuticles, so a pampering lotion to keep their hands looking great would be welcomed.

8. For Your Fitness Instructor, a Handy Lululemon Travel Bag ($48): If anyone in your life is constantly on the go, it’s your fitness instructor. Whether it’s yoga, spin, or managing clients as a personal trainer, they probably could use something to keep their personal items organized at the gym.

9. For Your Next Door Neighbor, an Anthropologie Boulangerie Candle Gift Set ($38): For all those times they checked your mail, watered your plants, or just gave you a friendly “hello,” give your next-door neighbor something to warm their household.

10. For Your Boyfriend, a Fancy Osaka Pour Over Coffee Brew Set ($45): Okay, so some people would never forget their significant other while holiday shopping, but sometimes we leave our S.O. to the last minute — especially people who have big families. This fancy pour-over set is perfect for your honey who’s always hitting snooze, plus it’ll look amazing on the kitchen counter.

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