Happy Fourth of July, beauty babes! While some of us are focused on which foods to fire up on the grill this holiday, others (like me, hi) are concentrating more on how we can rock holiday-themed makeup, because… makeup. We’re talking about red, white and blue colors, though — not exactly the most natural hues in the rainbow — so it can be tough to figure out how to make these bold shades wearable IRL. You can get creative by playing up patriotic shades on your eyes and then tying your look together with a fun lip color, but steer clear of rocking these all-American colors on your cheeks, because red/white/blue blush never looked good on anyone — promise. Here are three DIY beauty ideas to show your patriotism this weekend.



Sweep a red eyeshadow over your eyelid, making sure to build the color up in layers versus piling it on too heavily. Work the color into the crease of your eye too. After that, use a deep navy eyeshadow color to “smoke out” your lower lash line with an angled eyeliner brush. Make sure you blend the color so it has that smokey eye effect — you don’t want a super defined line here. Finally, add a pop of white shimmer in the inner corner of your eye to brighten everything up. Red lips seal the deal with this pretty look. Wink, wink!



This is where you can get a little creative with your makeup! Using a white and red liquid eyeliner, create alternating red and white cat eye-like stripes that begin at your upper lash line and end at the crease. Wing them out for an added effect. Add in a pop of blue to your lower lash line — it will act as the eyeliner in this look. If you’re feeling extra American, free-hand a little star at the end of your upper eyeliner.



Take the trendy color-block look and give it a Fourth-of-July twist. Apply a bold navy blue liner to your upper lash line and create an exaggerated cat eye, then brighten up your eyes by adding a shimmery white to the inner corners. Satisfy the red element in this look by adding red eyeshadow to your lower lash line, using it like eyeliner. This is a super wearable way to rock red, white and blue!

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